Repair damaged lawns

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Repair damaged lawns now while they're just bursting into growth and they'll recover so quickly you'll never even know there was a problem.

To repair crumbled lawn edges, cut a square of turf to include the damaged part and turn it around by 180 degrees so that the hole is in the body of the lawn. Then top it up with soil and sow with grass seed - we've got patching packs for all types of lawn, from hard-wearing mixes that can cope with kids and dogs, to fine blends for a bowling-green finish.

Lumpy lawns are easily scalped by the mower, leaving ugly bald patches. Smooth them out by cutting and rolling back the turf. Then scrape away the soil underneath and replace the grass. You can also fill small hollows by simply adding about 2.5cm of sifted garden soil and working it into the grass.

Clumps of coarse grass stand out like a sore thumb in an otherwise fine lawn. The best way to deal with these is to criss-cross the clumps with an old kitchen knife and pull the grass out. Regular mowing discourages coarse grasses too. Finish off by trimming the edges with a half-moon edging tool or sharp spade to leave a clean, sharp finish.

If you would like further advice pop down to our centre in Stapleton for more information.